Experience The Freedom of Contact Lenses

Did you know that most people CAN wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are a great solution for people with busy and active lives. They are easy to wear, comfortable and perfectly safe. Our contact lens direct debit scheme now means you can have your lenses delivered direct to you at no extra cost.

Trust our qualified experts to find the right lens for you and book your FREE no obligation contact lens trial today. Our contact lenses are supplied by leading manufacturers and are very affordable.

Whether you are currently wearing lenses or have tried them in the past, we invite you to experience a more personal level of care.


Worry-free service

We know that the thought of putting something directly onto your eyeball may not be very appealing for many people. This is why we offer one to one help so you can get to know your lenses in a slow and patient manner.

As we are independent we are not limited to certain types of contact lenses as may be the case if you visit opticians on the high street. As contact lenses aren’t for everyone, we make sure to try all possibilities so you’re completely satisfied. The options range from daily disposable contact lenses through to monthly contact lenses.

We will take the time to explain the different options available and work with you to find the best solution. Once the right contact lens for you is selected, we will show you how to insert and look after your new contact lenses, as well as make sure your eyes stay healthy.


Contact Lens Success

There are a few different reasons why patients may have failed with contact lens wear. At Armitage Opticians, we always try to identify how your eyes can impact your contact lens success. We will carry out a comprehensive tear film assessment to check if you suffer from any dry eye as this can significantly reduce contact lens comfort.

We offer flexible payments for contact lenses and a price match guarantee so book your free contact lens trial today.

FREE contact lens trial

Did you know we offer a FREE contact lens trial available for up to 2 weeks?

Our friendly optometrist will guide you through the whole process making it a straight forward experience. Once the best lens for you has been selected, our contact lens expert will teach you how to insert and remove the lenses.

You can try the contact lenses in the comfort of your own home for up to 2 weeks and experience a life free from glasses.

Book Your Free Trial Today.

Inserting and looking after your contact lenses

Although it can seem a little scary, inserting and removing your contact lenses is very easy to learn. Here at Armitage Opticians, we have been experts in contact lens use for many years and can put your mind at ease.

We will show you how to put them in and take them out and you can practice with us as many times as you like. Hygiene is vital when it comes to your eyes, so we’ll also teach you how to store them and keep them clean. Once you’ve got the hang of it and you’re feeling confident, we’ll give you an initial 10 day supply to take home. After that, you’ll need to come back in so we can see how you got on and offer you some alternatives to try if necessary.

Paying for your contact lenses

Paying for your contact lenses is easy with a monthly payment by direct debit. You can choose when you would like your direct debit to be taken and it can be set up as soon as you’ve finished your trial.

Become an Insider at Armitage Opticians by signing up to our direct debit scheme and get access to:

  • A yearly voucher of £75 towards your glasses
  • 20% Off Sunglasses
  • Free Eye Care All Year Round
  • Free Contact Lens Check (Worth £40)
  • Free replacement pairs
  • Free Emergency Appointments